Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hybrid Cats, Is that natural?

With the millions of Cats, dogs & other animals in shelters, pounds & rescues....


Breeders are taking the plain old domestic cat and cross breeding the animal with an Asian Leopard or even a Jungle cat! These are the Hybrids that are going for a very hefty price tag anywhere from a few hundred dollars to around $20,000.00!

I have a BIG problem with Hybrids & Designer pets! I see most as MUTANTS!

Because most of these animals are not registered, a question could be raised as to how the pets are being treated during the breeding and pregnancy stage. If a so called 'Back Room Breeder' is just in it for the buck, some of these animals may be in danger or at an increased risk for developing health problems, especially during their pregnancy and delivery stages.

Truly it is hard to believe that most of these designer kitties will be loved and cared for as much as a farm cat or stray from the local humane society. Not to mention there are thousands of felines out there at the moment who need homes and also need to be spayed and neutered with adequate medical attention.None the less, as with designer dogs, designer cats are the newest up and coming trend in the lifestyles of the wannabe chic and fabulous. Before we know it Paris and Brit will be toting around a darling little tigress instead of their yappy little pooches.

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