Monday, March 2, 2009

Ingredients that are bad for your pet

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Making homemade treats for your pet can be beneficial with natural ingredients but there are alot of recipes out there (& KITS from places like petsmart or petco) that has ingrediants that can cause vomiting... diarhea ... even death!

Here are some things to avoid!

Chocolate... Hopefully this is well-known, but NEVER give an animal chocolate. It's the most dangerous human food for an animal to ingest and can lead to death.

Sugar ... I was in PetSmart yesterday and noticed that most of the mixes to make your own pet treats contained sugar. It's extremely important to never give your pet sugar. There are some animals who benefit and even require sugar, but dogs and cats should never ever have sugar. Short-term, the sugar can make them sick and cause diarrhea and vomitting. Long-term, dogs and cats develop diabetes much easier than humans.

Milk is another thing that needs to be avoided with animals. Even though it might be tempting to give your cat a dish of milk, the lactose can cause horrible diarrhea. There are several different companies that make lactose-free "milk" specifically formulated for cats and kittens. Most of them contain vitamins, too.

Grapes are toxic to dogs, even in small amounts. Therefore, raisins are even more dangerous, since a dog could conceivably eat more in a shorter period! Grapes and Raisins can cause kidney failure

Onions & fresh garlic are also poinsonous to dogs.

Nutmeg can cause seizures, nerve damage and death

Macadamia nuts are toxic -Dogs develop weakness, depression, vomiting, difficulty walking, tremors, abdominal pain, lameness, stiffness and/or pale gums. The signs usually dissipate in 12 to 24 hrs. However it can kill smaller dogs and cats.

Coffee and Coffee beans can cause caffine toxcicity

Mushrooms are toxic to pets

Salts are also bad... this includes onion salt & garlic salt. Small amounts of granulated or poder is OK


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