Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to Get Out Mats in Your Dog's Fur

You don't have to shave your dog just to get out those ugly mats in their fur. This is a quick and easy trick to keep dog's fur smooth and silky.
A dog brush & box of Cornstarch is all you need.
After grooming... take a photo of your beautiful pet & put his / her picture on necklaces, clocks, watches & more!


  1. Sounds like something my mommy will have to try since I get lots of knots.

  2. Do you have any tips for dematting cats?

    I was thinking of corn starch to help keep their coats clean looking but didn't know it would help with matts. I don't think I can manage a nice bath after. At least not for the cats.

  3. I THINK it would work if you put small amounts in the mats & brush out the cornstarch. But check with your Vet because cats lick themselves & you want to make sure the small amounts of cornstarch would be ok for your cat.