Saturday, September 12, 2009

Remember Your PETS at Christmas time

Remember Your PETS at Christmas time

With the Holiday's looming & our schedules getting hectic, we tend to forget about our pets. We have our gift list for friends, family, the kids, but our dogs & cats are sometimes forgotten.

So for the next few days.... I will be listing some great "Pet Gadgets" & Ideas for including our pets in our holiday celebrations.

Everyone has a Christmas Stocking.... but does "Fido" have one? Well he will now.... Get his/her own Pet Paw Christmas Stocking to add to the mantle!

Add to your pet's stocking, some great little gifts. Treats,

a new pet jacket , a new pet toy & more.

You can even make homemade treats & get the kids involved.

Check back here for the next few days for some great Pet Gadgets & perfect gifts for your "best friend"!

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