Sunday, May 30, 2010

17 Facts About Pets

17 Interesting facts about pets.

1-Cats have better memories than dogs.

2-A bird's heart beats 400 times per minute while they are resting

3-a cat can jump as much as seven times its height

4-Larger parrots such as the macaws and cockatoos live more than 75 years.

5-Dogs have about 10 vocal sounds.

6-A baby rabbit is called kitten or a kit.

7-Rabbits don't like being picked up.

8-When rabbits are happy, they perform a series of jumps, twists and runs, which is termed as binky.

9-Don't pick a kitten or a cat up by the scruff of its neck; only mother cats can do this safely, and only with their kittens.

10-A cat will never "meow" at another cat. This sound is reserved for humans.

11-Cats get their sense of security from your voice. Talk to your cats! And be mindful of your tone of voice. Cats know when you're yelling at them.

12-Cats can see in color!

13-Birds are divided into 29 groups

14-Birds do not have teeth.

15-The largest of all birds is the ostrich.

16-Turtles have been on the earth for more than 200 million years.

17-The shell of a turtle is made up of 60 different bones all connected together

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