Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beef Heart Treats

Beef Heart Dog Treats

Organ meats are not only full of vitamins for Humans but they are really healthy for dogs as well. Always make sure your pet can eat Beef... check with your vet (my disclaimer LOL)
Anyway, my dogs LOVE organ meats & beef heart is a favorite.

Someone gave me a frozen Beef heart & since I would be the only one to eat it... I figured, why not give the dogs a special treat since it's not really my favorite anyway.

I thawed it in the Microwave & cut it into smaller chunks to fit into my pressure cooker.
I added about an inch of water & threw in 1 beef boullion cube.
Pressure cooked it at 15 lbs for about 45 min.
After it cooled... I cubed it & put some in the fridge & froze some in a baggie for another time.

1 or 2 treats a day & my dogs are "loving me"!!!

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