Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Puppie Parties. Day 2 Games and more

Think of your "Pawty" as you would any other birthday party.

After you get a location (see yesterday's post) You need invitations. Get special
PAW-TY party invitations for your Dog's big day.

Decorations, Pawty Favor bags, Games....

Here are some ideas to really Jazz up your Puppy Party!
To decorate outside, make a paw print trail leading to your front door, for your doggie guests to follow. When the door opens, continue the paw print trail all the way to the party room.

If the dog party theme is going to take place outside, have the paw print trail wherever you'd like them to go.

Lots of streamers and colorful balloons everywhere will add to your decor.

Follow the doggie theme party onto the table with paper plates, cups and napkins.
Remember the party hats for your "guests". Line them all up... take pictures & add the photo to some great keepsakes like watches, necklaces, belt buckles, blankets & more!

Make up some doggie party favor bags for each doggie guest to take home, including a small squeaky toy, homemade treats, dog chocs, etc.

Don't know how to make a doggie party favor bag? Let's see... How about using a large plain white or brown paper bag. Draw pictures of bones and paw prints randomly over the bag to complete your creations! Or get inexpensive dog dishes from the dollar store or Walmart & fill them with treats & small toys or balls.


Scavenger hunt: stuff Marrow Beef bones that you get at a pet store or your Grocery store, with cooked chicken liver & hide around the yard for the "guests" to sniff out & enjoy.

Ice cube toss: On a hot day, the dogs will appreciate this game!
Make ice cubes ahead of time by boiling down a chicken carcaus or leftover beef roast ... add little bits of the chicken or beef meat. cool broth & pour in ice cube trays. Freeze.
On party day.... toss them in the air for the dogs to jump & catch.

Hot Dog Dunk: Slice some hotdogs into a cleaned out kiddie pool filled with water. See which dog is the fastest at gobbling them down... he is the winner.

Now come back tomorrow & we will have some "pupcake" & Bowser Birthday cake recipes!

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