Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Week is Puppie Parties! Dog Parks for Day 1

Let's all "PAW-TY"!
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Birthday parties for your pooch is "all the rage" & why not? He or She IS a part of the family! They greet you every day with a waging tail & a sloppy kiss, they snuggle up when you are feeling down. They ARE a best friend!

So celebrate their Birthday OR just as a "thank you" for being there.

This week I will be posting some great ideas & links to make your next Pawty a success!

First decide on when & WHERE you want to have your Puppy Party! If you live in the country & have alot of running space.... you could have your party at home. Just be sure you have the area fenced in. Even though YOUR dog may not be a "runner", your guests might.

The best place to have a Pawty are Dog Parks. Check out this Nationwide list of dog parks in your area... http://www.usadogparks.com/

The term "dog park" generally is used where the design of the park, and its amenities make it clear that dogs are invited, not just permitted. Most people, however, use "dog park" to mean a place dogs can play off leash.

When Choosing a Dog park for your Party.... Consider the following:

Is the park enclosed?
Some are, some are not. Some are as small as a quarter acre; some are 50 acres or much more.

Is there an entrance fee?
Sometimes. In many states "recreational use immunity" protects landowners from liability only if no fee is charged. It pays to check this out. Sometimes fees are assessed on an annual instead of a per use basis. Fees are most common with privately owned parks.

How are dog fights avoided?
Dog fights can and do occur. The most successful dog parks are the ones with an active user group. An active users group can reduce the risk of dog fights significantly. They step in and encourage or demand (as the case requires) leashes or removal of aggressive dogs.
Most dogs are not aggressive because they are not on their own territory. The dogs that use it most successfully are dogs that were socialized very young and had good experiences as they visited. Depend upon and learn from the dog savvy people to see indications of an impending squabble. Redirecting the dog's attention at exactly the right moment can make all the difference. Your tone of voice and your body language will also make a big difference. Keep calm, don't praise fearful or aggressive behavior by "soothing" the dog with petting and cooing sounds.

Are the parks privately owned or public property?
Some are public, some are private. Insurance can be a problem for private parks. Public resistance to spending taxpayer money is a problem for public parks.

What Amenities are included at the park?
Water fountains, Feces disposal stations, tables or benches for the Owners. All of these are important to check out.

Come back tomorrow & for the next few days for more ideas & recipes for your PUPPY PAWTY!

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